Open Records Requests

As a State of Georgia agency, the Sex Offender Risk Review Board (SORRB) is subject to the Georgia Open Records Act (OCFA § 50-18-70) and the Georgia Open Meetings Act (OCFA § 50-14-1). Under the Georgia Open Records Act, all public records are available for inspection and copying, unless they are specifically exempted from disclosure under the law. Requests for records should be made in writing. A request applies to records in existence at the time of the request and a response will not include documents not in existence when the request is received. The Georgia Open Records Act does not require the creation of records, reports, summaries, or compilations not already in existence at the time of the request. SORRB Meeting Agendas and Meeting Minutes do not require a formal request and can be found here on the SORRB website.

Upon request, SORRB will provide the eligible records within three business days*, following receipt of payment for any applicable costs (see fee schedule below). Copies of eligible SORRB records can be sent as a .pdf document via email or in print through the mail (copy and mailing fees apply). Because many SORRB records contain confidential information (e.g., Social Security Numbers), they must be redacted prior to SORRB fulfilling an open records request.

* If SORRB can not provide the records within the three business days, an explanation will be provided.

Fee Schedule:

Description Cost

* There will be no charge for the first 15 minutes SORRB works on a request.

To the degree possible, after a request is made but before it is fulfilled and costs are incurred, SORRB will provide an estimate of the costs to the person making the request.

Requests can be made by completing the Open Records Request Form (.pdf) and emailing (, faxing (404-657-2630), or mailing it to SORRB.