Documents Useful to SORRB

SORRB considers a variety of documents and information for determining a sex offender's risk classification level, including documents from the law enforcement, the courts, the Department of Corrections (DOC), and the Department of Community Supervision (DCS). SORRB obtains the official law enforcement or judicial justice system documents directly from the respective agencies.

Additional documents that are MORE HELPFUL to SORRB for accurate risk classification:

  • Psychosexual Evaluation reports

  • Sex Offender Treatment Completion Letters or Certificates

  • Sex Offender Treatment Progress Letters

  • Sexual History Polygraph Exam report

  • Maintenance Polygraph Exam reports

  • (For SORRB Reevaluations only) Petition/Letter explaining why an offender is a lower risk than determined in the original SORRB risk assessment

Additional documents that are LESS HELPFUL to SORRB for accurate risk classification:

  • Biographical essays by the offender

  • Completion Certificates from Prison Programs

  • Educational Transcripts or Certificates

  • Character Reference Letters

  • Pictures of the sex offender or their family